Karen D'Elia
English Language Arts, Speaking and Listening, Mathematics, Early Childhood Development
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Activity/Lab, Teaching/Learning Strategy
Lower Primary, Upper Primary
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    Zoom or Google Hangout Scavenger Hunt

    Zoom or Google Hangout Scavenger Hunt


    This is a fun game or warm up activity to complete with students over Zoom or Google Hangout platforms for live video interaction. You could also upload it to SeeSaw and have students post pictures of their items! 

    Remix - Includes implementation directions, resources and suggestions for modifications

    Implementation Directions, Resources and Suggestions for Modifications

    Virtual Scavenger Hunt Videos:


    Virtual Scavenger Hunt Web Resources:


    General Scavenger Hunt Resources - Adapt these ideas and use them in virtual scavenger hunts!


    Suggestions for Modifications - Provide the list of scavenger hunt items to students and guardians ahead of time.  Students can:

    1.  Use the virtual or "live" session time to discuss learning connections to the various items gathered.

    2.  Upload photos of items to Seesaw or Google Drive. 

    3.  Create video explanations of items using Flipgrid, Screencastify, or Seesaw.