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Children's Stories revisited 5

Children's Stories revisited 5


The story of Shrek and the movies have really made an impact.  Many children see a Shrek figure and want it.  They do not see it as ugly which is what an Ogre is supposed to be.  So, the real inspiration for Shrek Maurice Tillet lived during the early 1900’s.  He was called the “French Angel” and he was an amazing person.  It is fun to compare fiction to fact as well as opinions on what is ugly and what is pretty.

The Smart, the Pretty, and the Ugly

Students have you ever read the book, “Shrek” written by William Steig.    Have you seen any of the movies about this book? 

What is this book about?  Are there animals in the story?  What happened? Was Shrek ugly?  Should we call anyone ugly?

Have you ever heard someone say someone is like an angel because they look beautiful or handsome?  When we see a baby we talk about how cute he or she is.

Lets divide into groups and discuss this.  Now go on an IPAD or computer device and type in this search and look at other articles it pulls up on:

The real-life Shrek

Fiction sometimes has a real story connected to it. 

Fiction and nonfiction and opinions

Give them a coloring sheet of a baby and an angel to color.   Give them a blank sheet of paper to write on too.

Have the students talk about looking angelic, babies, and looking ugly.  Ask them to distinguish between fact and opinion. Ask them can something that was ugly become beautiful?

Ask them if “Shrek” was pretty or ugly?

Have them divide into groups and write words or a paragraph with drawings about something pretty and something ugly.  Ask them can something look odd and yet be wonderful in some way.  Then have them describe something real and not real.  Now go on an IPAD or computer device and type in this search.

The real-life Shrek

If you have a Smart Board you might prefer to look it up as a class as well.

Survey of the real "Shrek"

Students do you enjoy doing surveys?

If you do, make a list of questions like the following and with your teacher's guidance survey some other staff members.

1.  Have you heard of “Shrek” by William Steig?

2.  Are Ogres beautiful?

3.  Was Shrek based on a real person and the real person look like “Shrek”?

4. Was the person likeable?

If you make separate surveys and fill out each one on one staff member, then you can tally the results and make a graph of the results to go back and share with those staff members.  It is fun for students to learn and then survey others based on what they have learned.