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Gallery OverviewAllow students who have a clear understanding of the content thus far in the unit to work on Gallery problems of their choosing. You can then use this time to provide additional help to students who need review of the unit's concepts or to assist students who may have fallen behind on work.Chance of RainStudents are given the probability that it will rain on two different days and asked to find the chance that it will rain on one of the two days.PenguinsIn an Antarctic penguin colony, 200 penguins are tagged and released. A year later, 100 penguins are captured and 4 of them are tagged. Students determine how many penguins are in the colony.How Many Yellow?Given the total number of balls in a bag and the probability for two colors, students find the number of balls for the third color.How Many Ways to Line Up?Students decide how many different ways they five students can order themselves as they line up for class.Gumballs There are some white gumballs and red gumballs left in a machine. Students find the probability of getting at least one red gumball.New FamilyA married couple wants to have four children. Students find the probability that at least one child will be a girl.Nickel and DimeStudents find the probability for different outcomes when tossing two coins.Four More FlipsStudents determine how many more tails are likely if a coin has already landed on tails twice.Bubble GumThe letters G, U, or M are printed inside bubble gum wrappers in a ratio of 3:2:1. Students use a simulation to find out how much bubble gum to buy to get a 3:2:1 ratio.A Large FamilyIf a family wants to have six children, what is the probability that there will be three boys and three girls? Students use a simulation to model the probability.No TelephoneUsing census data from 1960 and 1990 in two box plots, students compare the percentages of families that had phones.Pulse RateStudents compare two data sets of different sizes: one for students and one for athletes.Golf ScoresStudents are given two sets of golf scores for Rosa and Chen. They are asked to decide who is the better golfer by constructing and comparing box plots.How Much Taller?Given two sets of data about heights, students determine how much taller one group is than the other.Coin Jar Students determine the contents of a coin jar by sampling.Project Work TimeStudents can choose to work on and complete their project or get help if needed.
Statistics and Probability
Middle School
Grade 7
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