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    Education Standards

    Plant Packaging

    Plant Packaging


    Students will design plant packages that meet the needs of healthy plants.

    Instructor Directions


    Plant Packaging

    Submitted by Lara Cabaniss

    Cabarrus County Schools


    Driving Question / ScenarioYou have been hired by Metrolina Greenhouses as their new packaging engineer.  You must design a new package for their plants as they travel from the greenhouse to be sold in stores.  The plants may remain in the packages for several days, and they must still be healthy.
    Project SummaryStudents will design plant packages that meet the needs of healthy plants.
    Estimated Time3 hours or class sessions
    Materials / ResourcesRecyclable materials, plastic containers, used water bottles, tape
    Educational Standards3.L.2 Understand how plants survive in their environment.
    Classifying Objective3.L.2.1 Remember the function of the following plant structures as it relates to the survival of plants in their environments:• Roots – absorb nutrients• Stems – provide support• Leaves – synthesize food• Flowers – attract pollinators and produce seeds for reproduction.3.L.2.2 Explain how environmental conditions determine how well plants survive and grow.3.L.2.3 Summarize the distinct stages of the life cycle of seed plants.3.L.2.4 Explain how the basic properties (texture and capacity to hold water) and components (sand, clay and humus) of soil determinethe ability of soil to support the growth and survival of many plants.
    Project Outline
    AskStudents will observe a water bottle and analyze as a packaging engineer.
    ImagineStudents will imagine what packaging engineers consider as they create plant packages.
    PlanStudents will plan a package that will protect, preserve, contain, communicate, carry and display the plant.
    CreateStudents will use recyclables to create a safe plant package.
    ImproveStudents will use the design cycle to improve as needed.
    Closure / Student ReflectionsThere are 4 reflection questions included in the slides.
    Possible Modifications / ExtensionsYou can actually place plants in the packages and see over time which ones have the best survival rate and why.  You would need actual plants for this part.