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    Making Inferences Using Text, Video and Pictures for Grade 4

    Making Inferences Using Text, Video and Pictures for Grade 4


    This resource provides a two day lesson plan(approximately 30-35 minutes) that focus on teaching students how to become a good reader by using inference skills to figure out what the author is saying, read between the line, look for clues in pictures and/or words to help them figure out what the book, video, or picture is about and to encourage students to keep thinking if their inference is correct or need to be revised.

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    Lesson TitleMaking Inferences Using Text, Video, and Pictures for Grade 4
    Learning  Standard RL.4.1 Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text
    Learning Objective Students specify and point out details and examples from the text, pictures, and videos to support their explanations of what the text clearly states.
    Do NowThe teacher will share 4 picture task cards (digital) with students in Google Classroom using Google Docs. Students will answer the following questions: What do you observe? What do you infer? What evidence supports your inference. Inference Picture Activity
    Introduction/ Daily Agenda  ReviewToday you will make inferences from pictures, video clips, and text by using observation, evidence, and reasoning. Today you will explain why this skill is an important strategy for the improvement of reading comprehension. Day 1:-Students will complete Inference Picture Activity(6-8 minutes)-Students will watch an Edpuzzle Video on Inference ( 8-10 minutes)-Students will complete a Google Jamboard Activity  (8-10 minutes)-Students will do a FlipGrid to share what he/she has learned about inferences.(5-7 minutes)Day 2:-Students will take a Quizizz to review concept about making inferences(5-7 minutes)-Students will watch a Pixar movie, called “For The Birds” and answer questions on a Google Form.(8-10 minutes)-Students will do a Pixton comic strip/Create a book using Book Creator(15-20 minutes)-Students will complete survey The teacher will introduce(or review) inferences, by having a class discussion with students to let them know that making inferences is a skill they already use in real life. Examples:
    • If we wake up and see tree branches on the ground and lawn chairs turned upside down, we might infer that it was windy last night.
    • If a friend comes to school on crutches, we infer that he/she had some kind of accident and was injured.
    •  If we have a pizza party at school and during recess, someone has a big greasy stain on the front of his/her shirt, we infer that probably that person dropped his/her pizza.
    •  If we see gray clouds in the sky, we infer that it’s going to rain…
    Introduction to Inference: Drawing Inferences in Literary Text
    Mini-LessonAs part of an inference mini-lesson, the teacher reviews the topic of inference by explaining to the class how writers don’t always completely explain things to us and that we have to piece things together like detectives, to figure out what’s going on. We talk about how we take all of our background knowledge and our experiences, called our schema (they already know the word schema from a mini-lesson from the beginning of the year) and combine this with clues from the text (what the author does tell us). These two things together, the text plus our schema, help us make an inference, which allows us to more fully understand the meaning of the text.Homework: Worksheets
    Tech distribution Have laptops ready for student use
    HyperdocEnter basic instructions for the assignment here.
    EXPLAINYOUR TASKNotes/Date Completed
    The teacher will introduce students to inference concept by sharing real-life examples, showing anchor chart,  Edpuzzle videos,  -Making Inference Video
    1.  Students will watch the  Edpuzzle video on Making Inference
    2. Students will complete a Digital Picture  document
    Students will watch the  Pixar movie called, “For the Birds”, they will answer questions in a Google Form about the movie. For the BirdsGoogle Form

    1.Students will watch the video “For the Birds”.

    2. Students will answer questions in Google Form about the movie, “For the Birds”


    Students will be able to identify clues from the text, pictures, and video to determine what the author is saying. Students will do a Jamboard activity and then complete a Quizizz to show mastery of knowledge and skills relating to inference.

    Jamboard Quizizz Link

    1. Students will complete a Jamboard activity where they will identify clues, state prior knowledge, and state inference
    2. Students will complete Quizizz activity about Inference

    Students will be given two options: 1. Students will use Pixton to create a comic strip that explains to their parents what is inference? 2.Students can also use the Book Creator application to create a book about Inference!Students will share their product with their classmates, in a digital gallery walk.

     Pixton & Book Creator Google Document (Digital Gallery Walk)

    1.Students will complete a Survey Monkey about the inference activity
    • What did students like most about the activity?
    • What did students dislike about the activity?
    • How long did it take students to complete the activity?
    2. Students will create a comic strip about Inference using Pixton3. Students will create a book about Inference using the book creator website.
    Lesson Closing Students will do a FlipGrid sharing what they have learned about how to make an inference. Students will be required to watch at least 3 other videos to share out to the class.  



    Subject: English Language Arts

    Level: Upper Primary(Grade 4 & 5)

    Material Type: Formative Assessment, Lesson Plan, Curriculum, Homework

    Time Required: 2 Days

    Author: Hazel Lewis

    Language: English

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    This lesson includes a (video link) authored by (name of author/website).

    YoutubeFor The Birds/Original Movie From Pixar

    Youtube: 4th Grade -Reading-Drawing Inferences in Literature-Topic Overview

    This lesson includes a  (link to text) authored by (name of author/website).

    8 Activities to Build Inference Skills by Jenn (The Teacher Next Door)

     Can You Make An Inference Worksheet by

    Teacher Pay Teacher(free) : Making Inference by Kirsten Kaboodle

    This lesson includes an (interactive/simulation) authored by (name of author/website).

    Edpuzzle Video: Inferences | Making Inferences | What is an inference?

    Quizizz: Making Inferences Task Cards

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