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AQ-IQ Contest for Seventh Grade Students

AQ-IQ Contest for Seventh Grade Students


The AQ-IQ Contest for Seventh Grade Students has students creating a project on an air quality problem, looking for solutions to the problem, and creating a poster, on-line interactive, artist, or video project to educate others about the issue.

Students will submit the projects and bibliographies using an on-line tool. The pest projects will be invited to a recognition ceremony and receive a prize package.

Visit the AQ-IQ Landing Page for more information and resources:

Contest Details

Seventh Grade Students from all over North Carolina can compete in the 2021 - 2022 AQ-IQ Contest. The contest gives all seventh grade students the opportunity to learn about air and air quality while finding solutions to our air quality problems. Projects are due by midnight on March 7, 2022, but can be turned in at any time until that day. This years projects will all be submitted on-line, and the contest is a great on-line or distance learning activity for classrooms. Projects are due on-line by MARCH 7, 2022.

The AQ-IQ Contest for Seventh Grade Students has been adapted to be an on-line activity for students. The contest still asks students to:

• research an air quality problem,
• look for solutions to the problem, and
• create a project to help others learn how to help our air be cleaner.

The contest puts the student in the role of creating a project to help others learn – the most effective way to learn according to the blooms Revised Taxonomy of learning. It allows them to use technological tools to find answers to their questions, imagine new possibilities, and discover ways of doing things. The AQ-IQ Contest Educational Goals fits into the North Carolina Essential Standards and gives students the opportunity to use technology to learn. The AQ-IQ Contest is also an opportunity for teachers who want their students to participate in Project Based Learning to have the students project evaluated by scientific experts.

Special Award Categories
The Special Award Categories are focused on technology, and how it can be used to better understand and solve our air quality problems.

• Air Pollution Monitoring and Control Technology
• Cleaner Cars, Cleaner Commutes, and Cleaner Air
• Pollution Free Electricity Technology
• The Science and Technology of Understanding and Reversing Climate Change

Students will use an on-line form to both register and submit their project. We are asking students to include both their teacher’s and parent’s e-mails. We also would like the students to share their projects bibliography.

AQ-IQ Landing Page:

Student Worksheet:

Project Registration Form:

If you have any questions, contact:
Keith Bamberger, keith.bamberger@ncdenr.govor 828-296-4500.
Annie Lee, or 919.707.8710