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4th grade - Snowflake Design Using Tinkercad

4th grade - Snowflake Design Using Tinkercad


Students will learn how to design 3-Dimensional objects using Tinkercad. 

Do You Wanna Build a Snowflake?


Learning Target(s)

The Learner will be able to:

  • Manipulate objects in a computer assisted design environment (duplicate, align, group, mirror, rotate.)

  • Place created objects on the workplane.

  • Create a symmetrical design.

  • Demonstrate understanding of angle rotation.


Students will need their Chromebook/computer.

3D printer and filament - optional

Key Vocabulary





Work Plane







PRIOR TO BEGINNING: The teacher will need to create classes in Tinkercad. Students under 13 should not create accounts at Tinkercad (this means, do not tell them to Join with Google) Students will need to be manually added, ensuring the Nickname given matches the username they normally log in with to limit time lost with forgotten information. Pro Tip:  Add a seat for a test student account so you can model the use of the application as a student.

The teacher can add co-teachers to help monitor student progress, however only the primary teacher can add/remove students. 

FIRST LESSON: Place the class link in Google Classroom (or on the class page in Clever) for easy access by students.

Have students click on the link and then enter the nickname created for them when prompted. 

Once they verify their Nickname, they should begin the starters. Model how to do this and work through the first few starters with them. How many to model will depend on the needs of your learners.

Getting Started DIRECTIONS (for students) with images.

Key Vocabulary:  

CAD, Work Plane, Duplicate, Align, Goup, Mirror, Rotate

SECOND (and subsequent) lessons: 

Introduce the project by reviewing new key vocabulary for today’s activity. 

Using the directions for building a snowflake, take students through the steps.  Review key vocabulary along the way. 

Key Vocabulary:  

CAD, Work Plane, Duplicate, Align, Goup, Mirror, Rotate (review)

Angle, Symmetry, Representation (new)


Additional Supporting slides for each step in the process - with videos.

1 - Design the Center of the Snowflake

2 - Create the Primary Arm of the Snowflake

3 - Assemble the Snowflake



The teacher will assist students who are struggling with guidance on design and creation providing alternate assignments if needed. 

Closure & Extension

As students complete their snowflake designs, have them create a NEW file and try another one with different geometric shapes.  (if they create more than one, they can choose their favorite if these will be printed.)


Alternatively, they can build a 3D snowman using the shapes and practice the skills they’ve learned such as duplicate, align, elevating a shape (to stack the snowballs that make the snowman), mirroring when they duplicate the arms, etc. 


As the teacher, you can view all of the student designs and show off their creations to the class!  

You can export the created objects and bring it into Merge Object viewer on an iPad.  

You can also export their Snowflake designs for 3D printing, if that is an option.