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OCS - Inventory and Organization

OCS - Inventory and Organization


Students in the OCS program can learn real world work skills by helping to create an inventory of Makerspace items using a spreadsheet and how to work together as a team.  In this lesson they also can use a Cricut machine and Design Space software to create lables for items in the Makerspace.  


Driving Question / Scenario

Stores often have their employees stock the shelves.  How do the employees know how much of an item they have? How do stores know when they need to order more items?

To learn the job skill of taking inventory we will use our Makerspace.  How can we keep up with the materials in the Makerspace?  How do we know what we have? How will we know when to order more materials?

Project Summary

OCS - Employment Prep IV - Math students will create an inventory of items in the Makerspace.  They will label the container and create an inventory spreadsheet.

Estimated Time

3 classes 

Materials / Resources

Computer, Google Sheets, Makerspace items, Cricut machine, Cricut Design Space software, cardstock.


OCS Employment Prep IV - Math

5.02 Demonstrates basic technology skills applicable to chosen career pathway by using: • Calculator/electronic calculating options • Computer internet searches • E-mails • TV/DVD/livestreaming • Voice mail • Data entry • Cash register/electronic payment options • Fax machines • Copiers/printers • Scanning devices • Cell phone • Apps • Portable electronic devices

5.03 Demonstrates ability to solve problems applicable to chosen career pathway

6.05 Demonstrates ability to effectively participate within the parameters and abide by the guidelines of formal and informal organizational systems in an employment setting: • Chain of command • Corporate culture • Departments (eg. personnel, finance, purchasing, maintenance, etc.) • Formal and informal lines of communication • Formal and informal leadership • Committees • Task forces • Quality circles • Teamwork • Democratic voting • Consensus decision-making


Project Outline


How can we keep up with all the items in the Makerspace?  How can we know what we have and how will we know when to order more?  What technology and tools do we have to do this efficiently?


Have students brainstorm ways to document all the many things we have in the Makerspace using technology.  Students can investigate the different programs in the Google Suite for Education to determine the best one for the job.  

Students will also use Design Space for Cricut (a free downloadable program) to design and create the labels.  


Students explore the Makerspace to see what items are kept there.  Students should see that some items are “equipment” pieces that need to be counted but shouldn’t need replacing (scissors, glue guns, etc.) and some items are “materials” that will be used up (glue, paper, etc.) 


The students as a group should determine jobs/roles to create the inventory and label the boxes.  


Look at the labels on the boxes.  Are they big enough?  Are the labels legible?  What Design Space fonts worked best?  

Look at the computer spreadsheet.  Is it organized in an orderly manner?  How is the easiest way to find an item?  Does it need to be alphabetical order or organized another way?  How will future purchases be documented?

Closure / Student Reflections

What was difficult about this activity?  How do you think a business handles their inventory?  What kind of businesses would need to keep up with inventory daily?

When in your personal life might you use an inventory system?

Possible Modifications / Extensions

Extension - Come back each month and complete another inventory.  Determine what items need to be reordered/restocked.