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This lesson plan introduces the practice of using primary sources; where to find primary sources, what they are, how to examine them, and how to construct a context to tell more of the story.Students will:Analyze personal artifacts as primary sources; Analyze historical primary sources; andConnect historical text with primary sources.Materials/Links Included:Primary Source Analysis ToolPrimary source setsTeacher's guide to Analyzing Primary Sources
English Language Arts, Reading Informational Text, Social Studies, American History, World History
Upper Primary, Middle School
Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8
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Donna Meehan on May 31, 12:35pm

The resource has been made more user-friendly for teacher and for students as it links to a complete lesson plan with specific instructions for implementing the lesson as well as for aligning your specific standards.

Donna Meehan on May 31, 12:33pm

This resource should be available on all internet browsers because it is a trusted website.

Donna Meehan on May 31, 12:32pm

This resource has valuable technology features that include a link to government site with artifacts to review.

MITCHELL OWENS on Dec 08, 09:02pm

I teach civics and government. I appreciate the attempt to provide an analysis of primary sources as this becomes a major factor the older the student gets.

There is a providing of standards and learning objectives as well as a rubric that can be used to score the outcome.

As written it is not true PBL however, it does not provided student choice, collaboration, or a final product.

Strengths: It allows students to be familiar with primary sources which is a good skill to have.

Opportunities: Incorporate this into lessons and units while doing PBL so the skills are there to analyze documents.

Gwendolyn Ennis on Dec 08, 08:22am

As a 6th grade world history teacher, I am constantly looking for relevant primary sources for my students. While this is not a true HQPBL project, I can see that it would be a perfect introduction to primary sources and the types of information that can be garnered from them. For teacher of US History there are many resources that are organized in a way that is quick and easy to search.
Full alignment to depth and breadth of standard NCES.6.H.1.3 and partial alignment of all other standards

No assessment strategies have been indicated in the resource, so users should plan to add some type of assessment

As written, this resource does not meet the criteria for high quality PBL, but it can be remixed by individual teachers to match it to their curriculum.

The strengths of this resource lie in its ability to be tailored to specific learning outcomes dictated by the teacher.

Pia Townes on Dec 06, 09:58am

This helps scholars learn how to examine primary source documents in Social Studies. This is NC Standard 8.H.1.3.

Christy Brown on Dec 05, 08:36am

I am a 5th grade ELA & SS teacher. This is an excellent resource for teaching primary sources. I agree it is best intended for 5th grade and higher. As others have commented, this would be a great tool to use with my AIG students.

All standards noted are taught throughout this multi-day lesson. The learning objectives are clear, consistent, concise and achievable. I appreciated the easy to follow format of this lesson and the fact it includes additional resources and links should further investigation be necessary. There is evidence of ongoing informal assessment, as well as an end product students must produce based upon their learning and investigation of primary sources.

This lesson addresses some of the goals within the high-quality project-based learning framework but would need to be adapted to meet all criteria. Though there is “a project” in completing the Primary Analysis Resource Tool, it doesn’t involve a real-world problem for students to work through or allow students to take their learning beyond the classroom. This multi-day lesson could be an excellent starting point for HQPBL.

AMY COLLINS on Nov 15, 09:56am

I'm always looking for primary sources for my gifted students. Thanks for this!

PAMELA PHELPS on May 09, 05:37pm

Great resource to add primary sources into your lesson plans.Lesson plan uses Google Doc - you can make a copy.



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