4th Grade: Science

"Variations for Survival:" How Animals Survive In the Wild

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Students will compare and contrast related organisms and discover their survival advatage. Students will examine photos of two related organisms and list physical characteristics that are similar and unique among the organisms. After a class discussion on how variations give organisms a survival advantage in their environments, students will participate in shared writing assignments.

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Author: Utah Lesson Plans

Brown Bag Science

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Students are introduced to the concept of electricity through hands-on investigation of how circuits work. Students will construct a simple circuit and record their experiences in their science journal. Note: Circuit kits (one per individual/group) will need to be prepared ahead of time. Kits are to include 1 C-cell battery, 2 insulated copper wires, 1 battery holder, 2 brass battery clips, 1 small flashlight bulb, and 1 socket.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson Plan

Author: Judy Adair