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Remote Learning and Copyright

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Many educators are using Remote Learning to educate their students. Educators are creating amazing, creative and meaningful instructional opportunities, but they need to be aware of copyright laws. This short video introduces a small amount about copyright and offers educators tools to help them license their own work and find openly licensed work as well. - Licensing = CC-BY-SA

Material Type: Presentation

Author: Joanna Schimizzi

Someone Builds the Dream

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Students will learn and understand the design process by designing and engineering the ultimate playground. What is the design process? Read Someone Builds the Dream by Lisa Wheeler and Loren Long and Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet. Discussion about dreams, goals, and reality. Discussion about the design process and how to use it to design your dream playground. Discussion about what was created in each book. Write on poster paper. Make connections between dreams and reality. Could we dream up a better playground (or school)? How do we make it a reality?

Material Type: Lesson

Author: Linda Brown