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In this lesson, students are introduced to the beaded number line as a tool to help them solve addition and subtraction problems within 20. This lesson is in two parts and may be taught over more than one day.
Lower Primary
Grade 2
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VANESSA EDMUNDSON on May 12, 03:53pm

The resources didn't include strategies or activities for all types of learners. Comparing this lesson and its resources to the remote teaching style we are currently using this would not be user-friendly by all students. The lesson could have included as a guide a YouTube video showing students working with the "beaded number line".

Carolyn Pugh on May 04, 10:15pm

This resource includes math language and vocabulary that would be helpful to learners. It also includes manipu;atives such as a beaded number line, clothespins and unifix cubes for an intervention. Virtual manipulatives would definitely be good to have for this lesson. Also having the option of the book Animals on Board book read aloud to students would also be good.

Keydra Cypress
on Apr 27, 10:52am Evaluation

Accessibility: Limited (1)

This resource provides manipulatives for student use. Consider digital tools that are easily accessible.

on Apr 27, 08:31am Evaluation

Accessibility: Strong (2)

There aren't any digital tools given in this resource, so I evaluated the lesson plan document itself. Since it's a Word document, I was able to use the Immersive Reader. I would suggest adding an alt text for the graphics, providing a way to view larger versions of the graphics, and reformatting or removing the table.

on Apr 26, 05:10pm Evaluation

Accessibility: Limited (1)

This resource looks difficult to use as a virtual resource.
For in person learners, the interactive movement parts of the lesson will be beneficial for students to understand how a timeline works.

Tamara Rutledge
on Apr 26, 10:53am Evaluation

Accessibility: Limited (1)

There is not an option for an audiobook book.

The manipulatives are also concrete without an option for screen access. The number line and clothes pins may be difficult to manipulate.

The recording sheet is paper without an option for screen, but it could be put into a google doc (fingers crossed the formatting remains).

Nikia Cockerham
on Apr 21, 12:08pm Evaluation

Accessibility: Limited (1)

The use of a book was great, but no link to technology support, unless the book was an ebook.

on Apr 20, 07:40pm Evaluation

Accessibility: Limited (1)

As a virtual teacher, this resource wasn't as helpful accessibility-wise. A link to virtual manipulatives would be helpful and attaching materials to this lesson like an interactive google slide would be better for an online format. A link to the story being read aloud would also be helpful for students to access the book at a later time. It would also be helpful for students who read at a lower level and therefore aren't able to read the book themselves. Captions could also be turned on for the read aloud video.

Michelle Gray
on Apr 20, 07:29pm Evaluation

Accessibility: Strong (2)

This lesson offers students a variety of manipulatives to use (beaded number line, hundreds board, multiple tens frames, etc.). The beaded number line is a concrete representation of the number line visual model.
The read aloud story will open the door for all learners to access, connect, engage, enhance, and extend.

on Apr 20, 07:20pm Evaluation

Accessibility: Strong (2)

This lesson is good for the textile learner. The resource uploaded as a Word document and would be more beneficial if it was accessible in Google format.



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