A list of tips for content teachers with beginning English learners in their classroom.
English as a Second Language
High School
Grade 10
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DULCE CASTILLO on May 21, 02:03pm

This is a great resource for a variety of instructors from any number of backgrounds and teaching experience. Using simple language in the list provides classroom teachers who are new to instruction of newcomers may find best practices to incorporate into their regular classrooms.
I especially want to applaud and note the last tip which emphasizes the need to make the content materials to be used pertinent and accessible to the Newcomer. Alignments to the standards are within the parameters of the resource and more could be added in the future. The tips are very broad and address a wide range of content and academic area subjects in the standards.

Eric Cooper on Dec 11, 03:29pm

The Classroom Tips were a good resource that I would distribute to the Beginning Teachers of my school, especially the first-year teachers. I found the English language learning tips to be helpful as that is a troublesome facet of teaching a student new to the English language. The alignment of the resource was Full alignment to depth and breadth of standard(s)/element(s) tagged. The list is an excellent example of a useful coaching tool. This resource is clearly aligned with content and /or standards. It is a well-designed resource to assist mentors/coaches in serving beginning teachers. Two identifiable strengths of the resource are that it is easy to use and uses laymen's terms for all to understand and secondly the resource outlines a number of potential trouble spots that Beginning teachers may encounter. Opportunities for improvement would be to have examples of the tips in use and adding additional strategies that involve educating ELL students.

MICHELE HICKS on Dec 07, 07:44pm

I appreciate the 'Classroom Tips for Content Teachers of Newcomers' as a resource that can be beneficial for all teachers.

For Beginning Teachers (BTs), the resource is an overview of effective practices to use with English Language Learners (ELLs). The resource can also be used with all students.

-Full alignment to depth and breadth of standards/elements tagged: Teachers Facilitate Learning for Their Students & Social and Instructional Language

-Resource can be used by:

+Mentors providing guidance to BTs
+BTs as a self-monitoring and/or reflective planning guide

-Resource includes research-based instructional strategies

-Research-based strategies
-User-friendly, comprehensive instructional practices

-Include content area examples
-Provide research for instructional practices

Tyler Wilson on Dec 07, 06:58pm

Full alignment to depth and breadth of standard(s)/element(s) tagged. This resource can be helpful to all teachers. This can help our BT in teaching ELL students. An excellent resource for mentors when supporting BTs. It outlines learning strategies for the ELL students and a successful tool mentors can use.

Stacey Bush on Dec 07, 09:41am

Full alignment to depth and breadth of standard(s)/element(s) tagged. I love this as a document for all teachers. These are reminders for what needs to happen on the daily basis not only for our ELL students but all students to engage in different learning styles. This could easily be referenced when working with new teachers to try different ideas in any content area. This also aligns to multiple different programs that are implemented in districts across the state. I would only include referencing the research behind each as an update.

SANDRA CARTER on Dec 06, 05:16pm

I appreciate the the clarity of this document for working with ELL. Specifically with BTs I feel this is especially helpful to help craft teaching & resources to fit the needs of ELL students.
- Full alignment to depth and breadth of standards tagged.
- This professional learning resource is aligned with the content and standards. It outlines specific learning strategies and how to modify them for ELL students for the BT and is a tool that a mentor can use to support the BT in teaching ELL.
- Outlined sequentially covering multiple aspects of teaching ELL students.
- Good resource for mentors to use for supporting BTs.
- Share with all teachers who teach ELL students.

Janet Dunn on Nov 27, 12:43pm

I am a Beginning teacher specialist in my county, I think this would be a great resource for my beginning teachers and mentors to give their beginning teachers. Full alignment to depth and breadth of standard(s)/element(s) tagged, This observation tool is clearly aligned with standards, this resource promotes strong effective practices for teachers and is purposefully designed for ease of use by mentors to use with their beginning teachers.

KAREN HEILMAN on Nov 26, 08:24am

I am the high school instructional program facilitator for my district and this will be a great resource for me to provide strategies to classroom teachers with beginning ELL students.

*Full alignment to depth and breadth of standard(s)/element(s) tagged

*This Professional Learning resource is clearly aligned with content and/or standards. It models effective practices and provides opportunities for the coach or mentor to support the beginning teacher.

-This resource provides clear, usable strategies for classroom teachers to implement with ELLs.
-The tips allow teachers to provide differentiated instruction, assignments, and support to students.

-Provide teacher-created examples to accompany each strategy.
-Develop the resource further by adding strategies and samples that are content area specific.

MARCY KEENER on Nov 23, 08:33pm

I am an instructional coach in two middle schools, and I appreciated that this resource gives some tips and strategies for how a teacher can adapt the learning environment for a new student. (Newcomers)

*Full alignment to standard/element NCES.ELD.SIL.10.3 North Carolina English Language Development Standards and partial alignment to standard(s)/element(s) NC.PTS.4.a North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards

* Professional Learning Resource-This resource is clearly aligned with content and/or standards. It models effective practices and provides opportunities for the coach or mentor to support the beginning teacher.

This resource has the following strengths:
• -This resource provides many ideas on how to adapt work for an ELL student educationally.
• -This resource also takes into account strategies to meed the needs of an ELL student when transitioning into a regular Education classroom.

Please consider
• -making this resource a downloadable document that can be printed an kelp for a beginning teacher.
• -video excerpts should how to do some of the practices would be a nice addition to a novice teacher.



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