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ENA WOOD on Nov 30, 11:04am

I love the Curriculum Review Rubric, but still unsure about how the Creative Commons Attribution assignment of levels of copyright are to be used with other copyrighted material when doing a remix. So often, when remixing, I am used to giving credit to the source, but not sure about posting for reuse and how my remix with copyrighted info could or could not be used with regard to fair use. Seems that educators across the board are used to using information for education, but not always ready to cite or share, lacking time to do it, or not knowing the nuances of copyright. I love the concept of open commons for sharing, just need to get better at applying a license moniker. Most site give you no direction on how to their materials can be used. I now it is important to others for me to tell them how a resources is intended for use through the moniker system.

WENDY WILLARD on Oct 31, 01:08pm

Enjoying this platform, making me think in ways I hadn't before. Already got a few ideas to use for my day job.

CLAIRE ROSS on Oct 30, 02:51pm

I think there is a lot of great information on the platform. I am still exploring and finding more and more information. Once I become better at navigating the platform, I am confident that it will be a valuable resource for educators.

Kimberly Busch on Oct 29, 06:51pm

I have really enjoyed attending the webinars and hearing about the resources we'll use in this process. It makes me so proud to be a teacher in NC when I see so many educators dedicated to our students' learning and growth! The quote by Covey, "Begin with the end in mind," seems to be embedded in this process with the clearly articulated goals and procedures. Thank you for your work and I'm looking forward to reviewing the resources!

WENDY WILLARD on Oct 28, 02:08pm

I'm warming up to the platform. Still have questions. But, I feel confident recommending implementation at my school. I will encourage teams during PLC meetings to be ready to use the platform come December.

MARQUIS GRANT on Oct 25, 11:36pm

I'm really excited about being a part of this academy. The resources are much needed and will only strengthen our roles as educators,

Meredith Stephens on Oct 25, 03:26pm

Tons of practical information. We're really getting into the tough stuff now. And I'm having fun!

Laura Capps on Oct 24, 08:40am

I am very excited about being a part of this new resource domain for NC Educators. This has been needed for such a long time. What better way for educators in NC to be on the same page than to share common assessments across the board? This especially applies to those school district that have limited resources within their school building.



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