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KATELIN MILLER on Nov 19, 07:50pm

Over the years I have seen the value in using number talks on a daily basis.
*I have taught second and third grade math. This resources provides explicit information on why this should be used in the classroom. I enjoy brainstorming strategies to improve mathematical connections and mental computation. This resource gives the teacher specific steps on how and why to accomplish number talks in a daily lesson.
*This task is easy to follow and user friendly. I do like how they have solutions and questions to problems you may encounter during this task. I believe this is partially aligned to the standard, covering the grade levels and vertically aligning grade level vocabulary.
*Partial alignment by covering only the introductory part of standard and should be considered as part of a unit that would address the standard
*Learning objectives need clarifying in order to better understand the expectations of each grade level and the clusters within each grade level
*No assessment strategies have been indicated in the resource, so users should plan to add
some type of assessment. This may be done informally to check student understanding. Personally, I have used number talks for morning work. This is something quick that students can complete and I have seen mental math progression since.
*Overall this provides K-5 grade teachers with the knowledge, steps, and time to incorporate number talks into the math classroom on a daily basis.



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