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In this component students are exposed to a quality piece of literature with themes and bigger ideas focusing on childhood poverty. They will continue to develop a deeper understanding of the bigger issues while building compassion for others living this way. As students read The Most Beautiful Place in the World by Ann Cameron, they will practice summarizing each chapter and describing Juan using a Character Map. Two key strategies are utilized to guide conversation and understanding of the bigger ideas and text themes. First an anticipation guide is used to introduce the big ideas and character perspectives found within the book ("Anticipation Guide" 2016). The second strategy used is a Triad conversation protocol, where students work in teams of three and follow a system that leads them through academic conversation. (Dewees & Nelson "WIDA National Conference"). This lesson was developed by Karie Gregory as part of their completion of the North Carolina Global Educator Digital Badge program. This lesson plan has been vetted at the local and state level for standards alignment, Global Education focus, and content accuracy.            
English Language Arts
Upper Primary
Grade 3
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