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    T4T Opportunities for Writing in Math - MD.3

    T4T Opportunities for Writing in Math - MD.3


    This resource is part of Tools4NCTeachers.

    This resource provides suggestions for integrating writing into the math block, while working with standard 1.MD.3.

    Please remix this reource to add you own ideas for writing in math, as well as student work samples.

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    Opportunities for Writing in Math - NC.1.MD.3


    Describe a Math Concept

    • Explain how to tell time on an analog clock (or digital) using key vocabulary terms such as digital clock, analog clock, hour, minute, minute hand, hour hand, half past, about, almost, and colon. 
    • When telling time, what does half-past the hour mean?  Describe what happens to the hour hand and the minute hand?


    Explain a Process

    • Describe the process of how you tell time using the words first, next, then, and last.


    Justify an Answer or Method

    • Lane says that you always tell the hour by the number the short hand is closest to.  Do you agree with Lane?  Explain. 

    Create Math Stories

    • Create math stories about what happens at different times of the day.  For example:  At 6:30, I wake up.  By 7:00, I am on the bus.  We start math at 8:00. 
    • Write a letter to an older student describing your class schedule.
    • If you had one hour to do anything, what would you do? 
    • What are some things you do that take more than an hour?
    • Describe some things you could do in 30 minutes. 
    • Describe some things you could do in a minute.  What is something that would take longer?


    Comparing and Contrasting

    • How does the hour hand look different from the minute hand?
    • How do the hands look different when it is 4:00 and 4:30?



    Generalizing or Drawing Conclusions

    • What rule can you create for telling time to the hour? 
    • What rule can you crate for telling time to the half hour?
    • Students will use sentence frames such as:

    I noticed…

    This is happening because…

    I wonder…

    The rule is…

    Summarize Learning



    • Math Journal Prompts
      • During today’s math class I felt…
      • Today I made this mistake… I learned…
      • I got stuck on the math problem when… I got unstuck by…
      • I’m glad I can… I wish I could…