Students will create a realistic shoe drawing of their personal shoe including a background that visually explains where they have been, where they would like to go, or how they got to where they are now using the Elements and Principles of Art and Design (ex. line, shape, texture, space, form, emphasis). This lesson was developed by Laura Mitchell as part of their completion of the North Carolina Global Educator Digital Badge program. This lesson plan has been vetted at the local and state level for standards alignment, Global Education focus, and content accuracy.   The students will write a poem inspired by Vincent van Gogh's Three Pairs of Shoes.         
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GEDB Take a Walk in My Shoes: A Realistic Drawing (Lesson 1 of 3)
Arts Education, Art History, English Language Arts
Middle School
Grade 7
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Vaibhavi ShiledarBaxi
on Mar 26, 01:49pm Evaluation

Focus: Superior (3)

It is clearly written that the lesson is aligned with local and state level standards for art.

Vaibhavi ShiledarBaxi
on Mar 26, 01:49pm Evaluation

Accuracy: Strong (2)

When the student has to draw a shoe, it could promote division or could put them in a class (lower, middle and upper class).

ERIN DAY on Oct 01, 11:19am

As a member of the Culturally Relevant Teaching Hub Academy, I experienced a sense of student voice through this project. I love the idea that students are given the power to control their piece. Yes, each student is creating a shoe drawing and applying techniques taught. but, aside from this students are using the opportunity of this assignment to portray themselves, their lives, their experiences.
As a middle school art teacher, any opportunity where students can differentiate themselves and really personalize their work I love to teach and guide.
I also really enjoyed how this lesson focused on two things, drawing a pair of shoes and portraying yourself in them. It did not give much room for confusion and ultimately gave students more time to focus and zone in on these points.

Janis Hunsucker
on Jul 04, 12:40pm Evaluation

Motivation: Superior (3)

By allowing students to chose what pair of shoes they would like to draw, the students are engaged and motivated.

Janis Hunsucker
on Jul 04, 12:40pm Evaluation

Accuracy: Superior (3)

This lesson makes sure to mention different all the different places shoes can come from. " ... Volunteers will tell their own stories about buying shoes. This is also a good opportunity for the teacher to tell a personal story about using hand me down shoes from an older sibling, borrowing shoes from a friend, buying shoes from a thrift store, and/or talking about not having the right shoes for a certain occasion so that all students in a diverse socio-economic school can relate."



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