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A 3rd-grade lesson plan implementing the 8 phases of explicit instruction for writing by Calderon and Slakk (2018): 1) Pre-teach the most important vocabulary; 2) Use a Mentor text for reading before writing; 3) Present the text structure to use; 4) Model it (Model each phase of the writing process); 5) Memorize it (Ensure that students memorize the language and steps of the strategy); 6) Support it (Scaffold according to student need); 7) Ample use of student interaction (Collaborate and cooperative writing strategies with other students); and 8) Differentiated assessment
English as a Second Language, Science
Lower Primary, Upper Primary
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Lesson Plan
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Michelle Insco on Nov 02, 02:24pm

I really like the student engagement and interaction opportunities this lesson plan offers.

ANGELICA SHORNACK on Nov 02, 02:23pm

I would love to see a video of the gestures used while chanting.

Tracy Stanley on Nov 02, 02:23pm

The photographs are great. The mentor text is also very helpful, and creates a great scaffold for successful implementation.

Kelly Land on Nov 02, 02:22pm

The chant is wonderful and the pictures. are great!!

ANGELICA SHORNACK on Nov 02, 02:21pm

This is a great and engaging lesson! I love the visuals and the chant. I also like how it includes what to expect based on their WIDA descriptors for writing.

Melissa Nicholson-Clark on Nov 02, 02:20pm

Great pictures for the content.

LUISA PALACIO on Nov 02, 02:20pm

I love how structured the lesson looks. It provides the perfect scaffolding for students.

MARIEL GOMEZ DE LA TORRE on Nov 02, 02:20pm

We could include the language objective to help the content area teachers.

DANIEL SCHMIDT on Nov 02, 02:18pm

Wonderful visual and chant to imprint vocabulary!



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