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3rd-grade lesson plan implementing the 7 steps for pre-teaching vocabulary by Calderon and Slakk (2018): 1) Students repeat word 3xs; 2) Teacher says the word and reads the sentence exactly as it is in the text; 3) Teacher gives dictionary definition; 4) Teacher gives student-friendly definition/example; 5) Teacher highlights one feature of the word- that it is polysemous, cognate, tense, prefix, root word, etc.; 6) In pairs, students ping-pong 5-6 uses of the word in a provided sentence frame (most important step); 7) Teacher assigns opportunity for students to practice the new words in writing, reading, exit tickets.
English as a Second Language, Science
Lower Primary, Upper Primary
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Michelle Insco on Nov 02, 02:33pm

Great resource for pre-teaching vocabulary. The cognates component gives newcomers an opportunity to connect with lesson being taught in general ed classroom.

LUISA PALACIO on Nov 02, 02:33pm

The examples provided help us think outside the box. Many times we do not think about the different contexts in which students could find a word because our minds are already set up in the text we are about to read. However, this method helps us keep the different connotations of the words in mind.

MARIEL GOMEZ DE LA TORRE on Nov 02, 02:29pm

Great strategy to help newcomers!

Melissa Nicholson-Clark on Nov 02, 02:26pm

This is a great resource to help me differentiate vocabulary instruction for newcomers! Great resource!



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