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Read the explanation the ancient Greeks had for earthquakes.  Then read the explantion we use today.  Then compare the two.  
Reading Informational Text, Reading Literature, Earth Science
Upper Primary, Middle School
Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7
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Ashley Blood
on May 28, 08:49am Evaluation

Engagement: Strong (2)

This resource promotes critical thinking (and/or communication, collaboration, creativity), because it includes question prompts for students to use to enhance content and instruction. Students must think critically about both articles in order to discuss the material appropriately.

Ashley Blood
on May 28, 08:49am Evaluation

Purpose: Strong (2)

This resource has valuable technology features, but could include a digital Venn Diagram or T-Chart for students to use to compare/contrast the articles in order to enhance content and instruction.

Ashley Blood
on May 28, 08:49am Evaluation

Reliability: Strong (2)

This resource is reliable on all platforms thus creating easy access for all students and teachers.

Ashley Blood
on May 28, 08:49am Evaluation

Accessibility: Strong (2)

This resource can be modified for learners with cognitive (and/or developmental, physical) disabilities by being read aloud by a teacher or fellow classmate.

Ashley Blood
on May 28, 08:49am Evaluation

Usability: Superior (3)

This resource has been made more user-friendly for teachers (or targeted learners) by having the texts easily accessible in the resource. The plan is clear and can easily be followed.

LEATHEA WOODRUFF on Mar 09, 09:58am

This is a wonderful connection to the Unit 3A lesson in ReadyGen 4th Grade! I can't wait to use it.

CANDACE HAMILTON on Dec 01, 12:43pm

I really enjoyed the differences between the two pieces and could definitely see how they would work well with upper primary and middle school students. Full alignment to depth and breadth of standards ELA RI.4.9, 6.9, and 7.9 as well as NCES.6.E.2.2 and NCES.6.P.7.1 and partial alignment of standard RL 5.6. No learning objectives have been indicated in the resource. No assessment strategies have been indicated in the resource. This is an easy to use activity and would provide good background for a mythology unit. This resource may want to look more closely at the RL 5.6 standard, as well as providing learning objectives, especially if this is part of a larger unit.



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