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4.G The Geometry of Letters

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This is a task from the Illustrative Mathematics website that is one part of a complete illustration of the standard to which it is aligned. Each task has at least one solution and some commentary that addresses important asects of the task and its potential use. Here are the first few lines of the commentary for this task: Letters can be thought of as geometric figures. How many line segments are needed to make the letter A? How many angles are there? Are they acute, obtu...

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Illustrative Mathematics

Elementary Math - Grade 4

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CK-12's Grade 4 Elementary Math is a series of videos and interactive videos designed to teach basic math concepts to 4th graders. Concepts covered include Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Multiple Operations and Grouping, Place Value, Decimals, Time, Money, Measurement, and Geometry.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Interactive, Lecture

4.NF.6 Card Sort

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This resource is intended for students to work with a partner to determine equivalent fractions to find the sum. Students need to have a background knowledge of connecting fractions and decimals, along with equivalent fractions prior to this activity. It may be helpful to have each row be printed on different colored paper, so it may help organize their thinking.

Material Type: Formative Assessment

Author: Shannon Curry