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Climate Kids: Earthy Word Games

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This site contains four word find puzzles; one on each of the following topics: air, water, land and life. In addition, the site features information on an Ecosphere - a self-contained living world inside a closed glass container. This lesson is part of the Climate Kids website, a NASA education resource featuring articles, videos, images and games focused on the science of climate change.

Material Type: Game

Greek/Latin Roots

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This resource contains a GDrive Folder that houses 4 separate root word quizzes. Each quiz contains 21 terms for a total of 84. I have linked the list I used for these quizzes, I do not own the list nor do I take any credit for its creation.

Material Type: Assessment


Can YOU save the Roman Empire?

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In this problem-based learning module, students will use their knowledge of the ancient Roman Empire and will work to analyze critical theories historians agree contributed to the fall of Rome. Students will then work to compare the problems faced by the Romans with problems citizens of the United States still largely face today. Through this investigation, students should recognize how modern technology, government agencies, laws and resources help to solve societal problems that could have once destroyed an empire. With this new understanding, students should work to present a solution to a major problem that plagued the Roman Empire during the years leading up to its collapse.

Material Type: Lesson


Bibliotherapy Questions for Gifted Students

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For this activity, 4th and 5th grade AIG learners will read a book of choice featuring characters who are gifted in some way. Students will then use the bibliotheraphy questions to create a presentation showing how they identify and do not identify with the characters and events of the book. While the resource is targeted to upper elementary school students, it could be modified to use with middle school students.

Material Type: Formative Assessment, Self Assessment