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For this lesson, the students will work in small collaborative groups investigating a polar bear. Students will describe the habitat of a polar bear and determine what characteristics it possesses to live within that ecosystem. They will also determine if the ecosystem the animal lives in becomes compromised or changed, will that animal still have a chance of survival. They will discuss and decipher the information in order to generate opinions. Students will present their ideas to the class to create a boxes and bullets graphic organizer. This lesson was developed by Lindsey Chavis-Turner as part of their completion of the North Carolina Global Educator Digital Badge program. This lesson plan has been vetted at the local and state level for standards alignment, Global Education focus, and content accuracy.            
English Language Arts, Science
Upper Primary
Grade 4
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Jen Baker on Dec 04, 10:27am

This is a very comprehensive lesson about ecosystems and animal habitats. Partial integration of metacognitive and finding the main idea as reading strategies are included.This would be a great lesson to collaborate with the SLMC for print, digital, and video resources as well as co-teaching to integrate more information literacy content. I recommend encouraging students to select their own animals to study. The final product is a poster, but allowing students opportunities to choose how they will demonstrate their learning, including digital platforms like Flipgrid would be seamless here. This lesson uses a variety of resources and activates prior knowledge.



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