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    Education Standards

    Library Video Scavenger Hunt


    This library scavenger hunt is a fun way for students to get familiar with their library, its resources, and its collection.

    Library orientation by immersion



     Materials required:

    • iPads, one per group
    • Place markers for books, two per group
    • Help cards, one per group
    • Scavenger hunt lists, one per person

    Instructions: (Adjust items as required to suit your library's set-up and collection)

    • Have kids divide into groups of 2-4. 
    • Pass out iPads & pencils
    • Give them place markers and demonstrate how to hold a book’s spot
    • Pass out one help card per group - other than the silly face, they can only get help from a staff member for one question. Otherwise, they must rely on their own resourcefulness. Eavesdropping is allowed.
    • Make sure they can all find iMovie and start a new project.  Have them begin the project by introducing themselves. Remind them to include the number of the item they found as they record the clip.
    • Ask them to appoint a time keeper.  They must be back in the gathering space by the appointed time or 5 points will be deducted for each minute they are delayed.
    • Remind them that other people are using the library and to please be considerate.
    • Pass out lists facedown
    • Check the time & tell them to be back in 20 minutes.
    • Whisper GO!

    After the session is over, if there is time, show some of the videos to the other students. Ask them what they were surprised to find in the library. Ask them if there's anything they would like to see at the library that isn't already there. 


    • How well did your group work together?
    • Was everyone in your group included?
    • What would you do differently if you were to do this assignment again?

    Directions: Find as many items as you can and document them using iMovie.  Each film clip should be 5 - 7 seconds long. Please use a place marker to ensure that any book you remove from the shelf will be put back properly!   


    iPad #  _________  Names: 


    Introduce the members of your group, then quietly & carefully find/record these items:

    Does NOT need to be done in order, but include the number of the item in your video.


    1.  A book with 2 people kissing on the cover

    2.  A biography about someone who is still alive

    3.  A library staff member or volunteer making a silly face 

        (bonus points if someone in your group introduces the staff member by name)

    4.  A magazine about pop culture

    5.  A QR code  

    6.  The school library’s web site

    7.   A nonfiction book about something dangerous

    8.   A web site or database you can use to find books you might like.

    9.  A book with a horse on the cover

    10.  A nonfiction book about ghosts 

    11.  Someone dramatically reading a page from a children’s book (show us the illustration!)

    12.  A book about something or someone in or from ** County (not a yearbook)

    13.  A yearbook from the 1990s (bonus points if you can find a current staff member’s picture)

    14.  Someone squatting under a table

    15.  A luna moth

    16.  The library catalog

    17.  A book that tells you how to make something

    18. An audiobook with a number in the title

    19.  A graphic novel about a serious subject

    20.  The dot that means an item is new to the library

    21.  A book that one person in your group finished this year (shared by that person)

    22.  Someone in your group sitting and reading a newspaper (please fold the paper carefully and 

    put it away)

    23.   A recipe that contains marshmallows

    24.  A large print book with flowers on the cover

    25.  A magazine with a fish on the cover

    26.  Someone sitting in a beanbag chair

    27.  A sign explaining the Dewey Decimal System

    28.  A book that might help you study for the ACT or SAT

    29.  A book of poetry

    30.   Each of you showing the next book you want to read