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Teachers: Learn to create a Hyperdoc to differentiate your instruction or target individualized intervention skills.
English Language Arts, Mathematics, Special Education, Science, Social Studies
Upper Primary, Middle School, High School
Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
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Joshua Miller
on Jun 01, 07:20am Evaluation

NC.DLCT.DCI.5: Limited (1)

This does not change the physical learning environment. It could, if it explained how to arrange the classroom when using this resource.

Joshua Miller
on Jun 01, 07:20am Evaluation

Purpose: Strong (2)

This resource has valuable technology features that include the ability of the student to choose what they want to do and the ability of the teacher to modify the resource live for the student.

Joshua Miller
on Jun 01, 07:20am Evaluation

Reliability: Superior (3)

This resource is reliable on all platforms thus creating equity as long as their is an internet connection and everyone has access to Word.

Joshua Miller
on Jun 01, 07:20am Evaluation

Accessibility: Limited (1)

This resource can be modified for learners with cognitive (and/or developmental, physical) disabilities by putting it into a format accessible to all.

PAMELA PHELPS on Dec 04, 02:48pm

I'm a K-12 SLMC reviewing this resource: organized and easy to implement to enhance classroom instruction by using a hyperdoc. Full alignment of NC.DLCT.DC.3 focusing on the creation of digital content. This resource more so than lesson plan can easily be a collaboration between SLMC and teachers. Strength: Creating a hyperdoc will give students the opportunity to be creative by designing the layout of information links. Students could create a hperdoc that show the different genre's located in the media center.

MARY PHILLIPS on Dec 01, 07:07pm

As an instructional coach, I appreciated the quick steps towards developing a Hyderdoc to help facilitate differentiated instruction.

Partial alignment by covering only part of the standard. The parts that are covered are: modifying the physical learning environment. The missing part is the evaluation and function part.

This lesson has a clear learning objective that is achievable through completion of this resource.

No assessment strategies have been indicated in the resource, so users should plan to add some type of assessment.

The content is accurate and clearly defined. It is user-friendly for teachers.

No assessment strategies have been listed. An exemplar or teacher sample would be super helpful.



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