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This is a great lesson plan to use to keep you on track. It includes what your principals/evaluators are looking for during observations, and even gives a section for you to reflect on your lesson. It can also be utilized by subs if written correctly.
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Lesson Plan Template
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Lesson Plan
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Tammy Locklear on Jul 04, 10:12pm

This is a great rescource for any teacher beggining or experienced.

CATHERINE SEIVERS on Jun 01, 10:15am

This resource has valuable technology features that include a part where you can include technology that is appropriate for your lesson.
This resource is reliable on all platforms thus creating an easy to follow lesson plan template.
This resource can be modified for learners with cognitive (and/or developmental, physical) disabilities due to the easy format that can be changed to fit teacher.
This resource has been made more user-friendly for teachers (or targeted learners) by making it an easy to follow and edit format..

RAYE WEAVER on May 28, 03:33pm

This lesson plan format is a great vehicle for reaching all learners. It can be modified and molded to include the best technology or vocabulary activity. This lesson plan template has the potential to engage students in learning the objectives the state has set for any certain subject. Great culturally relevant resource!

on May 28, 03:14pm Evaluation

Engagement: Superior (3)

This resource is a lesson plan template. There is ample opportunity for student engagement depending on the lesson.

Janice Stowell on May 27, 10:14am

Great find! This format is helpful to include all relevant pieces for an effective lesson. Adaptable to any grade level



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