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These resources are from Tools 4 NC Teachers. Here are 2 versions of parent letters for Gr 3 Cluster 1. There are English and Spanish versions of each parent letter.
Upper Primary
Grade 3
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KATELIN MILLER on Nov 19, 07:47pm

I am a third grade teacher and my team and I send these parent letters home at the beginning of a new cluster.
*These letters give parents a specific breakdown to the standard, specific examples, visuals, and applications. I find this helpful and useful as we bridge the gap between school and home. I do like how they letters are available in different languages to reach all families.
*Learning objectives need clarifying in order to appropriately and effectively reach out to families. From a parent's perspective I would suggest specific examples and steps on how to accomplish the types of words worked on. Give examples on how to interpret the factors as representing the number of equal groups and the number of objects in each group; Illustrate and explain strategies including arrays, repeated addition, decomposing a factor, and applying the commutative and associative properties.
*From parents, to teachers, and students math has been a very different experience when it comes to strategies. To keep everyone consistent and for parents to best help at home it would be helpful to provide examples.
*Overall I think this parent letter aligns well to the standard because it describes what students will be expected to do and master by the end of this cluster.
*This parent letter is straight forward, easy to comprehend, and gets to the point of this particular math cluster.
*No assessment strategies have been indicated in the resource, so users should plan to add
some type of assessment
*This letter fully aligns to all of the standards in cluster 1



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