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The Research-Based Practice of Play
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Primary teachers, did you know play is a research-based best practice? Children grow and learn in all developmental areas through their engagement in centers: language and literacy, cognitive, social emotional, and physical. Child initiated, hands-on experiences provide standards-based practice in a risk-free environment. In this recorded webinar, tips for setting up center and actionable steps for implementation are shared. Teachers will leave with an understanding of how children learn through play. Research will be shared on why play is an integral part of the learning process for primary grades. Not only is this best for children, it allows teachers to target standards, differentiate instruction, and personalize learning. Participants will delve into the Office of Early Learning’s new Play to Learn Planning Guides and Posters. Both the Play to Learn Planning Guides and Posters are share on #GoOpenNC.

Early Childhood Development
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Teaching/Learning Strategy
NC DPI Office of Early Learning
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