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This template provides STEM educators and their School Media Specialists with a template and a structure for developing Text-based Inquiry units that address multiple content areas.
Engineering, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science
High School
Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
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Elizabeth Enrey on May 25, 08:52pm

Professionally structured resource with ample information. The beauty is that the standards are also linked. Very useful.

Sergio Parejo on May 19, 07:08pm

I love the template and how it is detailed. I also like the ways standards are stated. Question: Is this resources available for others not participating? I mean.. is this shareable?

SHAKEKIA MOSS on May 19, 07:05pm

I like how this resource considers students prior knowledge or what prior knowledge is needed in order to understand new information.

VICKIE BERGER on May 19, 07:03pm

The lesson template is logical in sequence and flow. It considers that students will need some scaffolding, has guiding question stems for research to keep students focused, the think/pair/ share is a nice form of collaboration, and pulse check on student understanding. I would like to see options of student choice for how to display student learning related to their research similar to how the texts had options.

Lisa Parker on May 19, 06:55pm

This is a tool that will assist students to buy in the lesson and what are the goals for the lesson

LESLIE BURWELL on May 19, 06:54pm

Well organized. How can you utilize STEAM?

DULCE CASTILLO on May 19, 06:53pm

This template is focused on developing inquiry skills across multiple areas of academic content.

Melissa Gallagher on May 19, 06:53pm

This template provides a streamlined scope and sequence for Text-based Inquiry for multiple content areas.

TAMARA KERR RAY on May 19, 06:52pm

Lots of different components and the opportunity to share directly with your Google classroom.

Melinda Gonzalez on May 19, 06:51pm

The beauty of this resource is teaching students to evaluate what they have learned using the content that they have learned.



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