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This template provides STEM educators and their School Media Specialists with a template and a structure for developing Text-based Inquiry units that address multiple content areas.
Engineering, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science
High School
Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
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Lesson Plan
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MATTIE PERRY on Dec 04, 11:30am

Templates are always good to use to save time, energy and money. I really appreciate having a template with the rubric available to remix.

Jennifer Parks on Nov 29, 10:05am

This resource is a great guide for planning between librarians and science teachers. I really like the guiding examples for each section.

MATTIE PERRY @Jennifer Parks on Dec 04, 11:31am

I agree that this is a great guide used between the librarian and the teacher.


This is a well-thought-out template to facilitate collaboration between an SLMC and a science or technology teacher. *Full integration of one or more information literacy strategies with subject content. *In depth collaboration between SLMC & teacher is achievable through completion of this resource. *The template is designed for a full partnership between the SLMC and content teacher and takes full advantage of the library's resources as well as the SLMC's knowledge and expertise. *It might need to be remixed for elementary level SLMCs and teachers.

KRISTI MILLER on Nov 20, 06:59pm

Very detailed lesson that will take your class from beginning to end with ease!

Marie Zwick on Nov 20, 06:58pm

The precise way things are laid out is helpful. Love bing able to collaborate.

Christy Brown on Nov 20, 06:57pm

Awesome collaboration!

Kelly Jones on Nov 20, 06:57pm

Well thought out and well planned. I like how detailed all aspects of this lesson is shared.

Amanda Powers on Nov 20, 06:56pm

Very detailed template for collaboration between SLMC and teacher!

KIRON SPENCER on Nov 20, 06:56pm

Integration of science and literacy; designed for remixing

VANESSA BARNES on Nov 20, 06:56pm

Like how you thought about diverse learners in Part X: Text Set Description



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