Bibliotherapy Questions for Gifted Students

Like Me: Bibliotheraphy For Gifted Students

For this activity, 4th and 5th grade AIG learners will read a book of choice featuring characters who are gifted in some way. Students will then use the bibliotheraphy questions to create a presentation showing how they identify and do not identify with the characters and events of the book.

Teachers and SLMC can collaborate on this project in several ways. The teacher can introduce the project, and the SLMC can assist with book selection and helping students to create presentations.

Possible Books to Use: (This is just a short suggested list-teachers can work with the SLMC to find other titles based on age and interests of students.)

  • Chasing Vermeer, Blue Balliett
  • Each Tiny Spark, Pablo Cartaya
  • Matilda, Roald Dahl
  • The Genius Files, Dan Gutman
  • The Homework Machine, Dan Gutman
  • The View from Saturday, E.L. Konigsburg
  • Schooled, Gordon Korman
  • Supergifted, Gordon Korman
  • Ungifted, Gordon Korman
  • Welcome to the Ark, Stephanie Tolan
  • Millicent Min, Girl Genius, Lisa Yee

Questions to Answer for Bibliotherapy Presentation:

* Which character in the book do you identify with most and why?

*Which character in the book do you identify with least and why?

* Which situations/events/problems in the book do you identify with and why?

*Were there any situations in the book that seemed far-fetched? Look at the year the book was published. This may give you an idea as to why some of these situations might be handled differently in today's world.

* Did you agree or disagree with significant decisions of the main character(s) ? Why, or why not?

* How, and in what ways did giftedness impact the character's life? (in either positive and/or negative ways)

* How, and in what ways was the character gifted? How did you identify that he or she was gifted? (i.e. What identifiable characteristics were recognizable to you?)

* In your opinion, what were the messages the author was trying to send within this book? (Or: What do you think the author's purpose was for writing this book?)

* In which ways did you agree or disagree with the author's message? Why or why not?

*Give your overall opinion of this book, from the view of a gifted student.

Presentation Options:

  • Google slideshow
  • Prezi
  • Poster Trifold
  • Podcast
  • Video
  • Stop Animation movie
  • Other idea (discuss with teacher first)
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