This task is from Tools 4 NC Teachers. It is designed to be used in Cluster 1. Students look at data in a frequency table, create a line plot, then analyze and interpret the data by answering questions.
Upper Primary
Grade 4
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Activity/Lab, Formative Assessment
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Elizabeth Helms on Nov 25, 01:27pm

I really enjoyed…the simplicity of this lesson.
Full alignment to depth and breadth of standard(s) tagged.
Has clear learning objectives that are achievable through completion of this resource
Has clear and sufficient assessment strategies that will accurately measure student progress and mastery of the specified standard
This resource is Engaging: students are engaged in an activity that promotes critical thinking,communication, collaboration, and/or creativity.
This resource is Informative: there is an instructional record or student product to help gauge the
resource’s effectiveness.
Resource provides few accommodations for learners with disabilities to access content and/or demonstrate learning without the aid of a peer or an adult helper.
Resource lacks technological aspect, although technology could be included in the creation of graphs to map data.

LOUISE SALERNO on Nov 23, 04:19pm

* I am a 6th, 7th and 8th-grade math teacher. I really enjoyed that this task presents students with the opportunity to create a representation of provided data and use their representation to answer questions and to make and justify a prediction.
* This is an easy to implement 60-minute task which has a partial alignment to standard NC.4.MD.4 by covering only the “Make a representation of data and interpret data in a frequency table, scaled bar graph, and/or line plot “ part of the standard. This task should be considered as part of a unit that would address the standard.
* This resource has clear learning targets for students to represent and interpret data that are achievable through the completion of the task.
* This resource has clear assessment strategies that will accurately measure student progress of the specified standard but needs additional formative assessment strategies.
* The task is accurate and user-friendly.
* This resource may be improved by providing students the opportunity to generate their own data.



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