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Nine choices on a choice board for student projects.  Can be "pick one" or more than one. Currently based on the topic Environment, but can easily be remixed to any topic.
English Language Arts
Middle School
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Jill Groff on Nov 12, 02:19pm

As a member of the Culturally Relevant Teaching Hub Academy, I observe that there are no components of the resource that promote critical thinking about issues of power, equality and justice OR allow students to relate this to their own identity. I like the use of choice boards, and some of the project choices are engaging, but the theme of "environments" is vague, needs context, and may be confusing for many students due to lack of clarity. Because the resource needs more definition and depth, there is no discussion of how a students' identity or culture contributes to or affects environment, and this would be a valuable dialogue to have. This resource has not yet included multiple perspectives - including traditionally marginalized ones. How do perspectives shift regarding environmental issues in a dominant group or culture versus a marginalized one? Who has power to effect change? Is the power to effect change equal? Is the power to effect change related to political or socioeconomic status?



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