AMBER GARVEY, Rachel Wright Junio
English Language Arts, Reading Literature
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Lower Primary
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Education Standards

1st Grade ELA- Unit #1 Fiction Literature

1st Grade ELA- Unit #1 Fiction Literature


This unit was created by the Rethink Education Content Development Team. This course is aligned to the NC Standards for 1st Grade ELA.

About Rethink Education

Please access the 1st Grade ELA Unit #1 Outline and Alignment Chart and Teacher Guide (coming soon) to support your needs. Make sure you read Using K-2 Units from Rethink Education before you get started.  

Rethink Education is an NCDPI statewide blended instructional model, developed to support the immediate response of the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic, while also preparing for a future where students, families, and schools can successfully offer seamless instructional models of remote and in-person learning. 
This program aims to:

  1. stabilize or improve student achievement during contingency learning circumstances,
  2. empower resilient and adaptive teachers who are equipped for digital-age instruction, and 
  3. strengthen school and community preparedness for short term and long-term learning disruptions.